A Trip to Springfield

On Tuesday, March 21st, Alison Pure-Slovin, Midwest Director, along with Simon Wiesenthal Center Advisory Council Member, Sean Tenner, President of KNI Communications, met with several State Representatives and members of the Governor’s office, regarding anti-hate-crime measures and the Center’s Government Internship Program. The goal of these meetings was to build support for key initiatives that would reduce hate crimes in Illinois and protect religious and ethnic minorities and secure places of worship and non-profits from rising hate motivated attacks. Alison built partnerships with legislators in preparation for the Simon Wiesenthal Center recruited Government Interns, helping them with key projects in their districts.

Alison and Sean had the pleasure of meeting with State Representatives: Lou Lang of the 16th District (1), Stephanie A. Kifowit of the 84th District (2), and Robyn Gabel of the 18th District (3). Each is strongly supporting anti-hate crime legislation and measures to increase security at places of worship and non-profits that may be targeted by attacks. Building a coalition of support from our elected leaders is integral for the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s mission and programs and our interns will be fortunate to work with these skilled Representatives.

Our team also met with key members of Governor Rauner’s staff. The Governor’s office was very excited and eager to be a partner on our upcoming program in Chicago, The Speech. This program, which will take place on January 25th, 2018, will bring together students from across Illinois, for a speech competition where they will be asked to write a 3-minute piece about what positive change they can bring to the world around them. We are thrilled to partner with the Governor’s office on this endeavor and hope many more join us as well. Alison and Sean have reached out to the top staff of both House caucuses to let them know about the work of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Illinois and how their members may collaborate with our interns and staff on hate crimes/anti-discrimination issues. This internship will encourage students to become future anti-hate advocates and familiarize them with the legislative process.

Bipartisan support of anti-hate legislation and Simon Wiesenthal Center priorities is emblematic of the strong sense of activism that exists in the State of Illinois. We hope to continue partnering with many more elected leaders, corporations and citizens, to enhance our educational programming and services.

For more information on The Speech, The Government Internship Program, or how get involved, please contact:
(312)981-0105 swcmidwest@wiesenthal.com

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