Wiesenthal Centre calls on INTERPOL Member-States: "Detain on arrival, not one but now two, Iranian Government Officials Suspects in AMIA Bombing."

August 26, 2021

Buenos Aires and Paris – Days following the appointment of Ahmad Vahidi as Interior Minister, the newly imposed President Ebrahim Raisi has designated Mohsen Rezai as Vice-President in charge on Economic Affairs.

Rezai is one of the original six suspects in the 1994 Buenos Aires AMIA Jewish Centre bombing, leaving 85 dead and more than 300 wounded.

"The Argentine Foreign Minister stated in a letter to the Wiesenthal Center that should be found a mechanism to bring Vahidi to justice. The Iranian response is the appointment of Rezai, as a further provocation and mockery to Argentina and the international Community," stated Dr. Ariel Gelblung, the Centre's Director for Latin America.

Dr. Shimon Samuels, Director for International Relations added, "it should be no surprise that President Raisi, known as 'the butcher of Iran', would appoint, so far,two of his fellow gangsters. We appeal to all INTERPOL member-states to detain on arrival, not one but now, two Iranian government officials suspects in the AMIA bombing."

For further information, please contact Dr. Shimon Samuels at +336 09770158 or Dr. Ariel Gelblung at +54 9 11 49695365.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is an international Jewish human rights organization numbering over 400.000 members. It holds consultative status at the United Nations, UNESCO, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, the OAS and the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO)

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