We Need Partners To Fight History's Oldest Hate

September 14, 2023

Tomorrow night as we begin a New Year celebrating the beginning of the High Holy Days, Jew-hatred is impacting on world Jewry - targeting our youth on leading US campuses and abroad, at our houses of worship, in our neighborhoods, and across leading social media platforms.

The director of the FBI has confirmed the unprecedented statistics: 63% of all hate crimes target Jews - 2.4% of the US population.

For the Simon Wiesenthal Center such horrific numbers are a call for action - to strengthen and redouble our efforts to protect our rights, ensure our safety, and forge greater solidarity among Jews and with our neighbors.

We will continue to demand that our elected officials, law enforcement, educators, media, and online activists join us in the battle against history’s oldest hate.

In such difficult times, we need courageous leadership and educational expertise that has been the mandate of the Simon Wiesenthal Center at home and around the globe.

I am deeply grateful to have members like you standing shoulder to shoulder with the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Please support our work so we can continue to be strong in the New Year.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy New Year.

Rabbi Marvin Hier
Founder and CEO,
Simon Wiesenthal Center

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