SWC Update: Riots, looting & violence desecrate the memory of George Floyd and the goal of justice and communal reconciliation

June 1, 2020

Since the outset of this crisis last week, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has been:

  • One of the first organizations to speak out against the horrific and brutal murder of George Floyd


  • Publicly thanking his brother, Terrence Floyd, for his courageous call for peace
  • Making clear to elected officials that all Americans must also denounce all looters and perpetrators of violence in cities across the US and to emphasize that there are no circumstances, gives anyone the right to use this tragedy to commit acts of violence, looting and mayhemGeorgeFloyd
  • Reaching out to government officials after synagogues, schools and Jewish owned businesses have been targeted during the rioting
  • Supporting our elected officials and police in bringing back law and order to the streets of our cities
  • Working with community leaders and expressing solidarity with African American and religious leaders to create appropriate forums promoting dialogue and reconciliation across racial and communal divides
  • Continuing to support training of law enforcement and related agencies as well as emphasizing the role of bystanders through law enforcement Tools for Tolerance training at the SWC’s Museum of Tolerance which has trained over 160,000 frontline officers over the past quarter of a century

We will continue to keep you updated in the challenging days ahead.

Thank you for your continued support.

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