SWC Marks 79th Anniversary of Wannsee Conference

January 22, 2021

This week marks the 79th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, the infamous meeting that laid the groundwork for the mass extermination of the Jews. On 20 January 1942, 15 top Nazi officials, among them 8 holders of Ph.d's, activated the bureaucratic mechanism which led to the systematic program to murder Europe's Jews.
In rememberance of the diabolical evil that took place on this infamous day, we present two unique photos from the Simon Wiesenthal Archives.

Pictured right: List of the numbers of Jews to be exterminated in each country, totaling about 11,000,000. The list was prepared by Eichmann in preparation for the Wannsee Conference. The countries are listed in two groups, labelled "A" and "B." Those countries in group "A" were already under Nazi rule at the time of the Conference, while those in group "B" were planned for future conquest and included neutral countries such as Switzerland and Spain, as well as enemies of the Third Reich such as England.
Pictured left: The villa in Wannsee where the Conference was held to plan the logistics of the Final Solution. Courtesy of Bildarchiv preussichen Kulturbesitz.
These two photos are part of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s rich archival holdings culled from around the globe.
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