New SWC Report: "Parler: An Unbiased Social Platform?"

November 19, 2020

The latest Report From the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Social Action ReportParler-Report_cover Series: “Parler: An Unbiased Social Platform?”  

What is Parler? Parler is a social media platform that has quickly emerged as a growing and powerful alternative to Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, as this new report shows, it has also attracted extremists who seek to use social media platforms to inject their hate into the mainstream of society. 

This newest report details how Parler has taken no action against anti-Semitic and overt racist postings including one depicting former President Obama with a noose.

With a new report showing that 60% of all religion-based hate crimes last year targeted American Jews, Parler opens the door for white supremacy, Neo-Nazism, and conspiracy theories that range from Holocaust denial to charges that COVID-19 is a hoax.

The SWC has submitted problematic materials for Parler’s review and have raised these issues in conversations with senior officials of the company.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, whose Digital Terrorism and Hate Project has researched and combatted the promotion of extremism online for over a quarter of a century, will continue to urge Parler to take steps to eliminate bigotry and violence.

The report can be easily accessed at:


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