UPDATE - Miss Aryan Angel Crowned Miss Hitler

September 6, 2023

 Posts from Historical Revisionism:
  • Historical Revisionism attacked SWC on numerous occasions calling the SWC a hate group, and claiming that the Center has been attacking and vilifying the girl in the press.

 The Facts:

  • SWC Research team identified a Miss Hitler competition on vk.com run by a group called Historical Revisionism.

  • VK.com, is a Russian social networking platform, similar to Facebook with 600 million users. SWC has been tracking them for at least 10 years.
 Who is Miss Hitler?
  • SWC researchers identified Miss Hitler as Sarah Mountford, a 42 year-old mother from Oxford, UK; a member of the far-right, political party, Britain First. Mountford identifies as a straight, white, pure-blood female with a longing to return to traditional ways. 
In Her Own Words:
  • When interviewed by The Mail on Sunday and dailymail.com, Miss Hitler said, “My views aren’t extreme, you hear the same at every bus stop”…he (Hitler) has been dead a long time. I didn’t think of the impact his name still has.”
Attacks on SWC:
Read More:

‘Just a bit of fun,’ British woman says of ‘Miss Hitler’ contest

“There should be zero tolerance for this outrageous campaign on any, and all, social-media platforms,” according to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

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