"I Arrested Anne Frank": Watch film clip from Moriah Films' "I Have Never Forgotten You"

June 10, 2021

From Moriah Films’ I Have Never Forgotten You, narrated by Academy Award®-winning actress Nicole Kidman, this clip highlights how Simon Wiesenthal tracked down Karl Silberbauer, the Gestapo officer who arrested Anne Frank. Dutch neo-Nazi propagandists were fairly successful in their attempts to discredit the authenticity of Anne Frank's famous diary until Wiesenthal located Silberbauer, then a police inspector in Austria, in 1963. "Yes," Silberbauer confessed when confronted, “I arrested Anne Frank.”

“Anne Frank was one of the millions of victims of the Nazi regime, a young girl who was not allowed to grow to adulthood, who was denied the right to live merely because she was Jewish. Had she escaped the Nazis' horrible machinery of mass destruction, she would perhaps have become a mother, a grandmother, and have passed on her experience of life and her acquired wisdom to her children and grandchildren,” stated Wiesenthal.

Learn more, watch/stream: I Have Never Forgotten You.

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