Ever Again, Powerful New Documentary Exposes European Antisemitism

October 27, 2005

 October 27, 2005

Powerful New Documentary Exposes European Antisemitism

Dear Wiesenthal Center Supporter,

I wrote to you earlier this year while we were in production of our new film, Ever  Again. Just completed, this powerful, new documentary, narrated by Academy  Award™ winning actor/director, Kevin Costner, presents the frightening reality of what is happening to Jews in Europe today.

Perhaps it was only appropriate that Ever Again had its world premiere in Los Angeles, the very same day that Simon Wiesenthal passed away. While filming, everywhere I turned, I discovered the words of Mr. Wiesenthal ringing true, "I never thought that I would live to see such hatred of Jews again in my lifetime."

In England, France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany, my crew interviewed victims of the new antisemitism, government officials, and Jewish community leaders. Chilling  perspectives were provided by those who blame the world’s problems on the Jews - the inciters and perpetrators of antisemitic acts including physical attacks, firebombings of synagogues and Jewish community centers, and the vandalism of Jewish homes and businesses. Undercover crews captured explosive new material in interviews with both Islamic fundamentalists and neo-Nazis.

But, we need your help. Your support can ensure that Ever Again is seen by those who can effect change: the lawmakers, politicians, cultural leaders, educators, media, religious authorities and others. This film and its critical message must be seen by people everywhere.

By partnering with us, we will be able to distribute and screen the film throughout Europe and the Americas - in Parliaments, at the European Union, the Council of Europe, to the Jewish world and other faith communities, as well as on  television so that millions of people will be alerted to this growing danger.

As you know, the Wiesenthal Center has been on the frontlines combating the resurgence of antisemitic violence and rhetoric directed against Europe's Jews. While filming, we witnessed this virulent hatred first-hand. What we discovered was frightening and shocking:

  • Public school teachers in the Netherlands and France fear teaching the Holocaust because of threats made by Moslem students and their parents.
  • Jewish men who wear yarmulkes or women who wear head coverings or religious jewelry are verbally and sometimes physically assaulted on a regular basis.
  • Neo-Nazi skinheads have been taking over government-funded youth centers in Holland because officials no longer think they are a threat.
  • Islamist ideology and preachers in major cities like London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam continue to fuel antisemitic hate and violence.
  • Neo-Nazi rallies and skinhead concerts are drawing increasing numbers of youth in Germany, Belgium and France.

Timely and incisive points of view are provided by French Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy; British Member of Parliament, Louise Ellman; Harvard University Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz; Dr. Judea Pearl, father of murdered Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl; Ziaddin Sardur, a leading moderate Moslem intellectual and author; and Center Founder and Dean, Rabbi Marvin Hier.

Years ago, Simon Wiesenthal expressed the fear that we would "repeat the old mistakes under new conditions." We must fight back today. We simply cannot afford to stand by while antisemitism and other forms of bigotry take root in Europe again.

Please click here to respond with your most generous gift right away. We are counting on you.


Richard Trank
Producer, Moriah Films

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