Brazilian Authorities Thwart Hezbollah Terrorist Attacks Targeting Jews

November 8, 2023

Buenos Aires - The Federal Police of Brazil reported the arrest of two suspects and the search for 11 others involved in alleged terrorist operations against Jewish targets.

Both arrests took place in São Paulo, one of them at the Guarulhos airport, having just arrived from Lebanon. Likewise, 11 arrests were ordered in Minas Gerais and the Federal District and another two involved who are still in Lebanon.

The operation, called “Trapiche”, has proven the financing of Hezbollah and the recruitment work in Brazilian territory of members with the aim of committing terrorist attacks.

Dr. Ariel Gelblung, Wiesenthal Center’s Director for Latin America, said: “Iran is not innocent in proposing co-participations in the region and President Lula should know this. Allowing two warships to dock in Rio de Janeiro and not declaring Hezbollah a terrorist group as its neighbors Argentina and Paraguay did has its consequences. The current objective of Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as the Houthis will be to attack wherever they can against the Jews in the world, if they do not achieve objectives in the Middle East. Local governments must seriously assume their responsibilities and take care of their citizens, regardless of their origin, and leave ambiguities when choosing between democratic coexistence or groups that promote their objectives through terror.”

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