Bringing Eichmann to Justice: Simon Wiesenthal's Role

April 11, 2021

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Sixty years ago on April 11, 1961, the trial of Adolf Eichmann began in Jerusalem, Israel. Eichmann oversaw the planning and the execution of the Final Solution, Germany’s plan to annihilate the Jews of Europe, resulting in the mass murder of 6 million Jewish men, women, and children.

Eichmann was secretly captured in Argentina by agents of the Israeli secret police, the Mossad, the previous May and flown back to Israel where he was tried for his crimes against the Jewish people and humanity. He was found guilty and hanged May 31, 1962, almost 2 years to the date of his arrest.

In this excerpt from Moriah Films’ celebrated, award-winning documentary I Have Never Forgotten You, narrated by Nicole Kidman, Simon Wiesenthal’s role in hunting and helping to bring Eichmann to justice is examined. His quest to bring Eichmann to justice began in the late 1940s when almost no one was familiar with his name or his role in the Final Solution.

Simon Wiesenthal continued his search through the 1950s while working for the US War Crimes Commission and after it was disbanded during the Cold War on his own in a small, perennially under-funded office in Linz, Austria. As the clip illustrates, without Simon Wiesenthal’s persistence over the years, Eichmann may never have been found in hiding and eventually tried in a court of law.
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