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May 11, 2021


As a barrage of Hamas missiles fired at Israel in the last 24 hours — one every three minutes — and the riots and violence against Israeli Jews, the SWC reiterates:

We stand with Israel and its unequivocal right to defend herself against violence by the Palestinian leadership. As more than 700 rockets target Israel and Jews are attacked on the streets of the Holy Land, Israel must do what every other nation would do to safeguard its citizens. They should not succumb to political theater and social media screeds that demonize Israelis, while people like Linda Sarsour bestow a moral blank check on genocide-seeking Hamas.

 Sarsour responds to SWC:

SWC Condemns BLM Leader:
SWC condemns the lurid statement by BLM leader Shaun King for posting a video and statement that turns the truth on its head. The fire next to al Aqsa was set by Palestinian terrorists, not Israelis. Young Israelis were celebrating at a festival next to the Western Wall below al Aqsa, unconnected to the Muslim site. SWC urges everyone who truly cares about peace in the Holy Land to loudly condemn the genocidal Hamas that uses its civilians as cannon fodder and human shields.

Watch update from Israel with Ehud Yaari, Veteran Middle East analyst and Rabbi Abraham Cooper, SWC Associate Dean and Director, Global Social Action Agenda

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Early Tuesday morning, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, SWC’s Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action, spoke with veteran Israeli journalist Ehud Yaari regarding the escalating situation in Israel. During the conversation, Yaari touched upon Arab rioting throughout Israel, the ransacking of a Beit Midrash in Ramla, the worldwide slandering of Israel from the Saudi Arabian government to the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement in the US, as well as the impact on the composition of the next Israeli government.

Rockets raining down on Israel - May 11, 2011

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