Ben & Jerry's Anti-Semitism: New Campaign Calls on Consumers, Legislators to Act

October 14, 2021


Sparked by Ben & Jerry’s boycott of Israel, Simon Wiesenthal Center calls for consumers and legislators to act

The Simon Wiesenthal Center continues to push back against Ben and Jerry’s boycott of Israel, this time with a newly-launched campaign placing ads in US Jewish newspapers, paid for by supporters of the SWC, calling on consumers, states, and legislators to take action.
• The Goal:
Mobilize Americans and states to contest Ben & Jerry’s boycott against Israel.
• The Facts:
Many states have already pulled investments out of Unilever, including a combined $325 million divestment from Arizona and New Jersey. Reviews of Unilever and Ben & Jerry’s that could lead to similar action are underway in New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Maryland, and Rhode Island, prompted by anti-BDS laws requiring states to withdraw investments from any company that boycotts the goods, products, or businesses of Israel.
• The Truth:
Center officials have continued to press that this was never just about ice cream sold in East Jerusalem but rather about Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company profits being leveraged by an activist anti-Semite, Ben & Jerry’s board chairwoman Anuradha Mittal, who has a track record of endorsing the anti-Semitic BDS movement and defending Hezbollah and Hamas.
• The End Result:
With a spike of violent attacks against Jews from Germany and the UK to the US, and with anti-Semitism exploding around the globe, we cannot enable the odious, anti-Semitic BDS movement to continue to use money from a global brand to brand Jews as occupiers in their own land.

We will keep you updated on developments in the weeks to come.

Help the Simon Wiesenthal Center fight anti-Semtism and BDS. Please support this campaign today and share this message with family and friends.

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