11 Point Program Against Racism in Sports

November 24, 2017

1)  Each member club of a Federation will issue a public statement announcing its opposition to any form of racism, hatred or intolerance, and sanction any perpetrator, according to a  ruling that be visible to all who frequent such meetings.

2)  Clubs should publically condemn racist the chants, symbols, banners and behavior that are racists, xenophobic, discriminatory or NeoNazis at matches.

3)  Season ticket holders should sign a sworn declaration committing themselves to refrain from participating in racist incidents. The violation of such commitment will be enough reason to prevent their entrance to the club.

4) Prevent the dissemination and circulation of racist, xenophobic, discriminatory and  intolerance materials and / or publications inside the stadium and/or the surrounding areas.

5) Take disciplinary measures against players, coach, journalists and fans implicated in cases of racism, discrimination or xenophobia, wheter in the stadium or social networks.

6) Establish contact with other colleague clubs to guarantee that they be properly informed about the institution’s policy regarding racism, xenophobia, discrimination or intolerance.

7) Coordinate anti-racist practices with police, law enforcement and the club’s own security staff to determine common strategies to penalize cases of racism, xenophobia and discrimination.

8) To delete, remove or eliminate any poster, panel, graffiti or other racist, xenophobic or discriminatory material that is present in the stadiums.

9) Adopt a policy of equal opportunities regarding employment and service provision.

10) Work in coordination with diverse groups such as players, fans, volunteers, institutes of sport training, schools, sponsors, merchants, police, communications media,   civil society and academies, in order to develop plans of action aimed to prevent, eliminate and sanction expressions of racism, xenophobia and intolerance.

11) Establish an award that will recognize, at the end of each season, the club or the sportsman who during that period, had promoted or achieved the best practices against racism., xenophobia and discrimination.

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