Library and Archives Mission

  • Educate, enlighten, and engage students, educators, librarians, scholars, media and the public about the Holocaust and its aftermath; other twentieth century genocides; and, related human rights issues (e.g. racism, antisemitism, multiculturalism, tolerance,
  • Function as a multi-media resource and documentation center for the outreach and educational programs of the SWC and MOT, and SWC offices around the world.
  • Act as a primary research repository to preserve, digitize, and disseminate documents, photographs, diaries, correspondence, artifacts, memorabilia, artwork and rare books.
  • Prepare and distribute learning materials.
  • Respond to world-wide information requests via e-mail, the Internet and the SWC-MOT web sites, as well as telephone, fax, and walk-in users.
  • Lend educational support to all institutional projects.
  • Collaborate on programs and projects with other libraries, museums, professional organizations,
  • Outreach to the survivor and the educational communities.
  • Development of a model library of juvenile and young adult tolerance literature.
  • Sponsorship of the annual Write to Tolerance Institute and the Once Upon A World Children's Book Award.
  • Continuing education and Arts & Lectures Programs at the Library for staff, volunteers and public.
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