Wiesenthal Centre Monitors UN International Conference on “Annexation in Practice - Palestinian Youth in Jerusalem.”

August 27, 2020

PARIS – The “Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People” (CEIRPP), was established in 1975 with an agenda list that included “self-determination, sovereignty, return to homes from which displaced etc.,” This was endorsed by the UN General Assembly through its “UN Division for Palestinian Rights” (UNISPAL), a unique UN financed body granted only to the Palestinian cause.


As officially accredited to the UN ECOSOC, the Centre’s Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels has attended most CEIRPP annual meetings.


The CEIRPP organizes the annual 29 November “Nakba-International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People,” the UN General Assembly aganda item on “Palestine” and the Security Council quarterly debate on “The Palestinian Question”...


“This inter-related group for propaganda, manipulation and vote horse-trading, serves as a meeting point between member-states hostile to Israel and pro-Palestinian activist organizations, including radical NGOs, mostly financed by sympathizer benefactors and countries,” claimed the Centre.


This morning’s UN Headquarters conference was entitled “Annexation in Practice - Palestinian Youth in Jerusalem,” convened by CEIRPP and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).


Samuels argued that “in the aftermath of the United Arab Emirates normalization with Israel - with the apparent shelving of ‘annexation’ talk - this conference created ‘a virtual annexation in practice’"... "Its announced aim was ‘to raise awareness, among member-states, civil society and media, about 'Israeli annexation practices - highlighting Palestinian youth, particularly female youth in Jerusalem.”


The proceedings were opened by CEIRPP Chair Cheik Niang Ambassador of Senegal, who commended the International Criminal Court's proposal to investigate Israel's "human rights violations."

A greeting from Fadi Hidmi, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs was followed by:


- Reem Natsheh, a lawyer focussed on “human rights violations by Israel against Palestinian women and girls.” She made an interesting statement claiming: "This is not a question of a one or two state solution, but of Palestinian rights, to end the occupation and self-determination"... This smacks of the slogan, "From the river to the sea Palestine will be free", stressed Samuels.


- Rochelle Watson, of “Friends of Sabeel North America" (FOSNA), founded by "Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land," proudly spoke of Church BDS and the "Kairos document" that makes clear "There is nothing Christian to support Israeli racism"... She called on all Christians to "demand the US to withold all aid to Israel." 


- Micha Kurz, founder of “Breaking the Silence,” claimed to speak for Israeli soldiers who served in the Territories and denounced the so-called “violations of the Israeli military”... Kurz also founded “Grassroots Jerusalem, a platform for Palestinian grassroots mobilization."

He claimed that "Israel's Education Ministry teaches to hate Palestinians and the need for them to be cleansed from our land... Israel is behaving with impunity and must be held accountable for its crimes." He tried to link the Black Lives Matter into the Palestinian cause by claiming that "the US Police departments - as well as Brazilian, Hungarian and Sudanese police - were trained in crowd control and brutal arrest methods by Israeli police and military." Kurz then launched an appeal to support BDS.

“Among Israeli participants in CEIRPP gatherings over the years, many may be considered ‘unwittingly suicidal lemmings or self-hate material for psychiatric research,” concluded Samuels.

Other speakers were the Palestinian Ambassador and diplomatic representatives to the UN of Egypt, Indonesia and South Africa.

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