SWC: 74th Anniversary Of D-Day Commemorates Greatest Generation That Saved Mankind From Hitler

June 6, 2018


Rabbi Marvin Hier, Founder and Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, issued the following statement today:


“Today we pay tribute to the greatest generation the generation that 74 years ago saved mankind from Hitler’s thousand-year Reich. The cost of D-Day was enormous, 210,000 Allied casualties, amongst them 53,000 killed as well as 20,000 French civilians killed during the D-Day invasion alone.

“But the alternative would have been the total collapse of Western civilization and our right to live freely as men and woman created in the image of G-d. Today as we commemorate D-Day we owe it to the greatest generation to stand up to the terrorists, tyrants, and bigots of our generation so that their enormous sacrifice 74 years ago was not in vain. 

“On the eve of the D-Day, the Supreme Allied Commander Gen Dwight Eisenhower wrote to his wife Mamie and, fearing that the letter would be intercepted by Nazi spies, deliberately misleads her. Ike tells her “don’t jump to conclusions that I don’t want to write--I’ll simply have no opportunity to pick up a pen starting tomorrow I have a series of trips that will last without interruption from six to ten days.”

*General Eisenhower’s letter (right) to Mamie is now in the Wiesenthal Center’s Archives.

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