URGENT ACTION: Stand in Solidarity with Venezuela's Jews

ACT NOW: Send your protest urging bi-partisan Congressional action!

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- John Boehner, Speaker of the House
- Nancy Pelosi, Ranking Minority Member
- Mitch McConnell, US Senate Majority Leader
- Harry Reid, US Senate Minority Leader
- Bob Corker, Chairman Senate Foreign Relations Committee
- Ben Cardin, Ranking Minority Member
- Ed Royce, Chairman House Committee on Foreign Affairs
- Eliot Engel, Ranking Minority Member

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Message Recipients

Pelosi, Nancy (Democrat) - Representative , California District 12 , CA

Royce, Ed (Republican) - Representative , California District 39 , CA

McConnell, Mitch (Republican) - Kentucky US Senate , KY

Cardin, Ben (Democrat) - Maryland US Senate , MD

Engel, Eliot (Democrat) - Representative , New York District 16 , NY

Corker, Bob (Republican) - Tennessee US Senate , TN

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