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Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who achieved a historic breakthrough in 1979 that brought peace between Egypt and Israel, has emerged over the years as one of Israel’s harshest critics. In his new book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, President Carter abandons all objectivity and unabashedly acts as a virtual spokesman for the Palestinian cause.

Here are some of President Carter’s key allegations in Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid:

• Israel’s “occupation and colonialization” of the West Bank and Gaza is the reason there is no peace.

President Carter deliberately overlooks that in 2000, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak went to Camp David and offered Yasser Arafat 95% of the West Bank, 100% of Gaza and part of the Old City of Jerusalem for a Palestinian State, along with $30 billion in compensation for Palestinian refugees. Arafat’s response: launching the bloody Intifada which targeted innocent civilians in restaurants, malls, schools, and religious services with suicide terror attacks. Had Arafat accepted Israel’s offer at Camp David there would have long been a Palestinian State alongside Israel.

• Israel’s ‘Wall’ has virtually choked-off the Palestinian economy and in many ways is worse than South Africa’s former Apartheid system.

Israel’s temporary security fence has been an effective deterrent in thwarting unending Palestinian suicide terror attacks which have dropped over 90% since its construction. Israel has said that the fence will come down when the Palestinian terror stops. Israel is entitled to protect her citizens from outside threats in the same way as with any sovereign country. It is interesting to note that during his presidency President Carter correctly chose to continue the U.S. embargo of its Soviet-allied neighbor, Cuba because he perceived it as a continuing potential national security threat.

• The actions of Israeli governments do not reflect the will of the people who, in polls consistently show that Israelis overwhelming support a two-state solution.

Israelis’ support for a two-state solution is predicated on having a peaceful partner that does not seek the destruction of the Jewish State and has a government that renounces terrorism.

• President Carter blames “powerful political, economic and religious forces” in the U.S. for America’s "submissive" pro-Israel policies.

America’s continuing bipartisan support of Israel is not a result of pressure from “powerful political, economic and religious forces” but based on U.S. interests and the fact that Israel is a democracy whose citizens share common values with the American people.

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