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London Mayor Ken Livingstone, Apologize Now For Antisemitic Comments

Ken Livingstone Mayor of London Dear Mayor Livingstone: At a time when violent antisemitic attacks on British Jews increased 42% last year, reaching greater levels than in France, where just days before Holocaust Memorial Day Jewish gravestones were desecrated with swastikas while at the same time there was a spate of violent attacks against Jews in North London, where Jewish students feel increasingly intimidated on university campuses for openly expressing their support for Israel, and when young people in the UK increasingly display a lack of understanding of the Nazi Holocaust, your slanderous comments against a Jewish reporter and the State of Israel have fueled an already dangerous environment. A city that 60 years ago courageously fought off the Nazis in the Blitz and that today is vying to host the Olympics should not have a Mayor who uses his office as a bully pulpit for bigotry. I therefore join the Simon Wiesenthal Center in demanding that you apologize for your comments trivializing the Holocaust and demonizing Zionism and Israel.

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