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Join the Simon Wiesenthal Center in calling for the removal of former Nazi-era judge Hans Filbinger (pictured) as one of the electors who will choose Germany's new president this coming Sunday.

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In 1978, Filbinger resigned as premier of Baden-Wuerttemberg state after it was revealed that while presiding as a Third Reich naval judge he took part in trials of deserters in which many of those convicted were sentenced to death. After World War II, he headed the Weikersheim Study Center, an organization that regularly invites revisionists and Holocaust deniers as speakers. For decades, Filbinger justified his own immoral behavior under the cloak of serving 'the law'. Through the Weikersheim Study Center, he bestowed legitimacy on those who refused to acknowledge the genocidal intent of the Final Solution and who denied the uniqueness of the Nazi Holocaust. All this runs counter to everything upon which German democracy is based and to which it is committed, and Filbinger's participation in the presidential election would send the wrong signal at the wrong time and would be a stain on Germany's democratic record. Filbinger should therefore be removed from this singular honor immediately.

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