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The Campus Outreach division was created to forge strategic alliances with campus groups, faculty, staff and students, to foster a new awareness of contemporary human rights, social justice and ethics in today’s college and university students. By exposing the truth behind anti-Semitism, hate and terrorism, by promoting human rights and dignity, by standing firmly with Israel, and by celebrating our unique identity as Jews, campus outreach is creating a strong and effective presence on campuses nationwide and giving a voice to the next generation of global human rights activists.


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iAct Impact:  The Simon Wiesenthal Center Campus Outreach program is dedicated to eliminating anti-Semitism and all form of discrimination on college and university campuses to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all. We collaborate with members of the campus community to encourage pro-active approaches and effective prevention methods through workshops, film screenings, and special events. This workshop is our newest initiative to help build respect for all. This program was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.
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We are seeking students who are interested in projects that support the work of the Campus Outreach division. For more information please contact:

Aron Hier, 310-772-2478,