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Spring 2008
Vol. 30  No. 1

Secretary General Endorses UN Special Session

Durban II - What's at Stake

Boycott and Divestment Campaigns Continue Unabated

SWC & MOT Events

•Fall/Winter 2007
Vol. 29  No. 2

•Hamas Thanks Jimmy Carter

•Bali Religious Summit: History in the Making

•SWC Leads Campaign for Polish Priest's Removal

•Schismatic Catholic Group Still Promotes Theological Jew-Hatred

•Israel Boycott: Functionally Anti-Semitic

Spring 2007

Vol. 28   No. 1

— President Carter Accuses SWC of "Falsehood and Slander"
— Tehran's Global Threat
— Holocaust Contest sparks Outrage and Complicity
— "Witness to the Truth" Videoconference Repudiates Holocaust Deniers


•Fall/Winter 2006
Vol. 27   No. 2

—Hezbollah's War
—Travesty at the UN
—Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest
—Islamic Terror Plots
—New Film on the life and legacy of Simon Wiesenthal


  •Spring 2006
Vol. 27   No. 1

—Inside Iran's New Threats
—Hamas' Victory
—South America's New World Order
—Perspective on Russia
—Wiesenthal Center World News Round-Up

•Fall/Winter 2005
 Vol. 26   No. 2

—Special tribute to the legacy of Simon Wiesenthal
—Terrorist Threats Hit Home
—New documentary exposing European antisemitism
—Church groups pursue anti-Israel campaign
—Update on Middle East and Terrorism
—Wiesenthal Center events in your city


•Spring/Summer 2005
  Vol. 26   No. 1

—Resurence of antisemitism 60 years after Europe's liberation
—Moriah Films' provocative new documentary, Ever Again
Meetings with President Bush, Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schussel, Jordan's Prince Hassan, and Israeli Vice Premiere Ehud Olmert among others
—Will Palestinian President Abbas rein in the terrorist organizations?


 •Summer/Fall 2004
 Vol. 25   No. 2

—Meetings with World Leaders from France, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Argentina and the European Union
—The Palestinian culture of death and its ultimate abuse of children
—The Center's travel advisory to Greece
—France's ongoing struggle with antisemitic hate crimes
—The opening of the Center's New York Tolerance Center
—The rise of xenophobia in Russia



•Winter 2003/2004
  Vol. 25   No. 1

—Vatican meeting with Pope John Paul II
—European terrorism
—International campaign against suicide bombings
—Middle East update
—Museum of Tolerance 10th anniversary


•Summer 2003
 Vol. 24   No. 2

—Confronting European and Arab antisemitism
—Solidarity with the beleagured French Jews
—Straight talk with Chirac at Elysee in Paris
—Libya tries to expel Wiesenthal Center from United Nations
—The "Jewish Cabals"
—Training French police at the Museum of Tolerance
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion revisited


•Winter 2002
 Vol. 23 No. 3

—Hate: The Oxygen of Terrorism
—UN 2003: Credibility Still an Issue
—Boycott-Verbal Terrorists of Academia
—World News Round-Up


•Summer 2002
 Vol. 23   No. 2

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