Chapter 8

SWC Home A Survey of Nazi and Pro-Nazi Groups in Switzerland: 1930-1945
by Alan Morris Schom, Ph.D.

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    The following scheduled Nazi/Nazi affiliated meetings in northern Switzerland appeared in Reichsdeutcher of May 10, 1935, Zürich, and give a good idea of the number and types of activities the NSDAP was sponsoring in Switzerland four years before World War II.*
    Next gatherings:
    Support base: Baden

    In the coming week, on May 17, our comrades in Baden are going to found a womens work group. At the first gathering citizens are also welcome to bring guests. Watch for announcement in the next issue of the Reichsdeutscher (Das Deutsche Wochenblatt).

    Local Group: Bern
    Next meeting on Wednesday, May 15, at 8:30 pm in the Bürgerhaus, Neuengasse (Bürgersaal). Attendance compulsory for Pgg (Nazi Party Comrades) and members of the Opferring (Sacrifice-Circle). Peoples Comrades (Volksgenossen) are welcome as guests.

    Local Group: Liechtenstein
    Next meeting: Tuesday, May 14, 8:30 pm at the Rössli Inn at Shaan.

    Local Group: Schaffhausen
    Friday, May 16, 7:30 pm, general meeting in sideroom of Schiff Hotel. Members of the Opferring are warmly invited. Bring your own songbooks.

    Local Group: Zürich
    Thursday, May 16, 8:30 pm, a local group meeting to take place at the Linde, Universitätstraße 91. Attendance compulsory for male/female party comrades, and for the Opferring. Nazi party organization members only. Lecture: About the National Socialist Press, given by the Gauführer (local group leader).

    German Occupational Groups:

    Luzern Chapter:
    Our monthly meeting takes place on Friday, May 10, 8:15 pm in the Deutschen Heim, Frankenstr. 5. Lectures concerning occupational development, as well as other discussions on interesting topics. Peoples Comrades from the German Reich (Reichsdeutsche Volksgenossen) are warmly invited. Punctuality is expected. The Gauführer will speak.

    Thun Chapter:
    The next official monthly meeting takes place on Monday, May 13, 8:45 pm at the Freiendhof Hotel, Thun.

    National Socialist Womens Work Groups:

    Bern Chapter:
    Artisan group. Next working meeting, Thursday, May 16, 8:30 pm at the home of Frau Ricken, Galgenauweg 32.

    Geneva Chapter:
    Friday, May 10, 3:30 pm. Meeting at the house of the RGDAP, 44 rue Conlouvrenfère. All female German Peoples Comrades are warmly invited.

    Lugano Chapter:
    Next general meeting: Mothers Day, Wednesday, May 15, Hotel Galleria. All (female) German Peoples Comrades (Volksgenossinnen) are warmly welcome.

    Schaffhausen Chapter:
    Tuesday, May 14, 7:30 pm, meeting in sideroom of Hotel Schuff. Attendance is compulsory. Women and young ladies visiting from Germany are welcome.

    Zug Chapter:
    Next meeting: Monday, May 30, 8:30 pm. Guests from the Reich are welcome.

    Zürich Chapter:
    The general meeting takes place on May 18, 8:30 pm at the usual place.

    German Military Association:

    Monthly meeting every second Sunday, afternoons at 2 pm. Place: Röhringers Restaurant, Zürich.

    Another meeting, this time of the National Front, Thun:

    National Front Thun Chapter Agenda, January 25, 1937.

    10:15 am Opening address

    10:30 am Reports by the Gauführer, O.C.F. Stp. F. and chapter leader.

    11:00 am Brief talk by Comrade Studer

    11:30 am Means and possibilities of propaganda, talk by Comrade Fink

    12:00 pm The Press

    13:30 pm Action Plan

    15:00 pm The political work of the O.G. F. Final seminar paper by the Gauführer

    16:00 pm Dismissal


    Press report of National Front Gaurat (Gau-Council):

    Meeting chaired by Gauführer Thormann; Procol Comrade Kipfer

    "The meeting of this Gau-council was opened by the Gauführer with a warm appeal to all comrades to work wholeheartedly for the renewal (rebirth) movement, so that the year 1937 may be crowned by great success everywhere."

    "Comrade Schaffner, our great poet and fighter, gave a short address regarding the goals of the National Front and roused the comrades for a new fight. He expressed the wish that the National Front, as a movement of rebirth, should give greater open support for German National Socialism. This met with a mixed reception. But it was supported by the Gauführer."

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