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Israel Office

The Simon Wiesenthal Center Israel's office was established to locate and help bring to justice Nazi war criminals around the world. As Nazi war criminal legislation did not exist in many countries, the Simon Wiesenthal Center played a pivotal role in convincing foreign governments to pass laws enabling the prosecution of Nazi war criminals. Hundreds of suspects in more than a dozen countries were apprehended as a result of these efforts. Over the years, this has expanded to include the fight for historical truth in many of the countries where the Holocaust took place and the ongoing efforts to combat the growing tide of antisemitism.

Efraim Zuroff
1 Mendele Street
Jerusalem 92147
Phone: 011-972-2-5631-273 /5
Fax: 011-972-2-5631-276

Zagreb, Croatia. Israel Director Sr. Efraim Zuroff at the trial of former Jasenovac concentration camp commandant Dinko Sakic.

Rwanda, 1995. Rwandan official invited Dr. Zuroff to meet with government ministers, officials, and relief workers to discuss the challenges facing the country following 1994's shocking genocide in which up to a million people were murdered over a period of approximately three months. Dr. Zuroff is shown with Vice President Paul Kagame.