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Holocaust Restitution

Notice of claims procedure for assets deposited in Swiss
banks by Nazi victims:

Notice of claims procedure for assets deposited in French banks by Nazi victims:


Urgent Notice Regarding French Bank Claims:
Please note that, following recent negotiations, the deadline to apply for looted bank assets in France has been extended from 18 July 2002 to 18 January 2003. The Wiesenthal Centre advises all potential claimants to ensure that their claim form (Questionnaire) and Affidavit (the latter, especially for those bank claims not supported by documented evidence) be submitted to the French CIVS (find address on questionnaire), with a copy to the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Paris, France (see address below) before 18 January 2003.

  • French Bank Claims --
  • click here to read: WASHINGTON AGREEMENT - 18 JANUARY 2001 - Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of France Concerning Payments for Certain Losses Suffered During World War II

Adobe Acrobat PDF documentClick here to obtain: the AFFIDAVIT (need Adobe Acrobat browser plug-in to view)

Adobe Acrobat PDF documentClick here to obtain: the QUESTIONNAIRE (need Adobe Acrobat browser plug-in to view)

For inquiries concerning bank claims and the restitution process in France, contact:

Simon Wiesenthal Centre - Europe
64, avenue Marceau, 75008 - Paris, FRANCE
tel.: +33 1 47237637 - fax: +33 1 47208401

The Living Heirs Project

Working with a consortium of genealogy groups and human rights activists, the Simon Wiesenthal Center held a live press conference, on September 16, 1999, to announce a new website, LIVINGHEIRS.COM, which includes a database listing over 50,000 names of Jewish victims of the Nazis who were forced to turn over bank accounts, insurance policies, and other assets to the Gestapo.

On April 31, 1999, Former California Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush unveiled an aggressive program to secure restitution for Holocaust survivors and their heirs at a conference at the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

A Survey of Nazi and Pro-Nazi Groups in Switzerland: 1930-1945 The Wiesenthal Center has just released this report by Alan Morris Schom, Ph.D., to "show the influence that the pro-Nazi, fascistic, and super-patriotic associations had on the government and people of Switzerland."

Perspectives on the Swiss Role in WWII

The British government has expressed a commitment to investigate claims for "Alien Property" confiscated by the UK Custodian for Enemy Property between 1939 and 1945.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center provides the following resources regarding Swiss, Swedish and French banks which failed to return monies and material possessions to Holocaust victims and their heirs.