Michael Jackson was actually the first visitor to the Museum of Tolerance in 1993.  He requested to come on the Friday before the Museum would open to the public.  The workmen were still finalizing the last minute touches when Michael came by.  While I’m sure Michael knew about the Holocaust, it was obvious that there was much he didn’t know. After spending almost 2½ hours at the Museum, he left, clearly deeply moved and brought to tears, by the overwhelming experience. 

Of course, it came as a shock to us 2 years later when a new album he released included anti-Semitic lyrics in the song, They Don’t Care About Us.  We vigorously and publicly protested.  Michael responded  by personally calling us and expressing his deep remorse-- “Unfortunately, my choice of words may have unintentionally hurt the people I wanted to stand in solidarity with...  I intend to include in all albums that have not been shipped as of this date, the paragraphs above so that no one can listen to my music and misconstrue my intentions.”  True to his word, not only did he do that, but a week or so later, he went back into the studio, deleted the offensive lyrics, and re-recorded the song.