Mr. Ian Anderson
Oxfam International Secretariat

Dear Mr. Chairman:

As an international NGO, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is well aware of the important humanitarian work that Oxfam performs on behalf of the needy of the world. However, the boycott effort against Israeli agricultural products, which we reached through the main Oxfam website, violates your provisions against ethnic and racial discrimination. Further, this political campaign violates Oxfams mission statement.

Mr. Chairman, in the 1930s, Europeans were urged by the Nazis and their Belgian Rexist allies to boycott Jewish businesses. What started as economic discrimination ultimately led to racial laws and Genocide in the 40s. Never again should any European, especially those who proclaim their leadership in the field of human rights, aid and abet another effort to harm the rights of the Jewish people to a secure life and future. We urgently request your direct intervention to expunge any link of this campaign to Oxfam International and that Oxfam International instruct its Belgium operation that this boycott of Israeli farmers violates Oxfams mission statement and should therefore be terminated immediately.