Wiesenthal Centre to French Justice Minister : Freeing Copernic Synagogue Bomber Suspect is a Body-Blow for Survivors and Victims' Families

"After 37 years of waiting, justice delayed in this case is truly justice denied... Madam Minister, we demand an appeal and the continued detention of Hassan Diab."

Paris, 12 January 2018

In a letter to French Justice Minister, Nicole Belloubet, Wisenthal Centre Director for International Relations Dr. Shimon Samuels, chided today's Paris tribunal ruling to free Copernic Synagogue (pictured) bomber suspect from detention, on the decision of the investigating magistrates, thereby rejecting the evidence and arguments brought last summer by the magistrates of the civil parties - in the name of the victims.

Samuels had accompanied Aliza Shagrir wife of the Israeli film-maker to the corner of rue Copernic. She had entered the street of the synagogue where she met her death.

The following morning, Prime Minister Raymond Barre stated "a bomb set for Jews killed four innocent Frenchmen..."

"The bomb killed a Portuguese postman, a Chinese restaurant waiter, Aliza and 'an innocent Frenchman,' wounding 41 worshippers inside the synagogue," corrected Samuels.

In 2010, Samuels was present at the suspect's extradition hearings in Ottawa, Canada. Based on forensic evidence, Diab was finally extradited to France in 2014.

The letter stressed, "The hopes and expectations of French justice after 34 years of waiting" ... "Diab's release, effective exoneration, and probable departure from France, represent a body-blow to the survivors and victims' families... Now, after 37 years of waiting, justice delayed in this case is truly justice denied."

"The repercussions of the ruling may become a celebration for terrorism with Hassan Diab glorified as a hero. Madam Minister, we demand an appeal and the continued detention of Diab," urged the Centre.

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