SWC Statement On Iranian Singer Mohsen Yeganeh's Song "Flock Of Vultures"

December 15, 2017

Since Israel’s establishment, most of the Arab and Muslim world has never accepted Israel as a peaceful neighbor.

Today, Iran which has no common border with the Jewish State, is doing everything to continue violence and terrorism through their terrorist lackeys, Hezbollah and its support for Hamas.

The only reason for the continuing conflict is that even with five million square miles that make up Israel's Arab neighbors, including the Palestinian Authority, they can't tolerate a Jewish State of 11,000 square miles among them.

The only truth in Iranian singer Mohsen Yeganeh's song (see English translation below) is that these myths are fed to the Muslim world by the "Friday night man" [Imam]. Therefore, the name of the song should be the "song of the myth makers."


The flock of Vultures has arrived again
Looks like they have seen new corpses
In the name of security very close by
They have cut the throats of a nation
Their peace is just a facade
Just a million soldiers marching by
Anywhere there is an inkling of conflict
They are ready with their guns drawn
Two Triangles they put on top of each other
Then they put a new name on the town
Two triangles mean Fear and Prison
They are the enemies of smiling children
They say that they are hiding very close by
Their army hanging around optimistically
They have occupied the olive groves
They have cut flower buds with teeth and nail
Wake up people it's already too late
Olive groves are already dying
Just pray that our Friday night man
Can get back our land
Two triangles they put together
Then they put a new name on the town
Two triangles mean fear and prison
They are the enemies of the smiling children

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