Wiesenthal Center assists Holocaust memorial ceremony in Lithuania

September 25, 2017

This is the second year that the Center is supporting the initiative launched by Lithuanian author Ruta Vanagaite to focus on neglected mass murder sites in Lithuania.

At the ceremony, the Center's director of Eastern European affairs Dr. Efraim Zuroff (pictured) emphasized the importance of such events which note the role of local collaborators in the Shoah in Lithuania, in contrast to government sponsored memorials which purposely hide them. Ruta Vanagaite spoke about the more than 500 children murdered at Naujanerai, and the impact on Lithuania of the annihilation of its flourishing Jewish community.

The event was given excellent coverage by www.delfi.lt, the country's largest and most influential news website.

Watch the video of the Holocaust memorial ceremony held on Sunday, September 24, in Naujaneriai, on the outskirts of Vilna. It was prepared by non-Jewish Lithuanian high school students who were inspired by the book written by Ruta Vanagaite and Efraim Zuroff, Mūsiškiai; Kelionė Su Priešu (Our People; Journey With an Enemy) and a terrific teacher to make an hour-long documentary last year on the Shoa in Lithuania, which was entitled "The Forgotten," and are now making an additional movie on the history of Lithuanian Jewry.

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