Wiesenthal Centre to Inter-Parliamentary Union: “Warn Egyptian Parliament that its anti-Jewish Incitement Could Lead to Suspension”

“Such Jew-hatred undermines the de facto relationship between Egypt and Israel in together confronting terrorism. It legitimates attacks on Jews and further endangers the Coptic Christians victims to continued assault.”

Paris, 18 August 2017

In a letter to Inter-Parliamentary Union (IUP) Secretary-General, Martin Chungong, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, drew attention to antisemitic incitement at the Majlis Egyptian Parliament.

Referring to the IPU as the “International organization of Parliaments,” Samuels noted its, “Strategy for 2017-2021: ‘Better Parliaments, stronger democracy’ with a special focus on ‘peace-building’.”

The letter also recalled the IPU’s connection last February to claims of “demeaning the Egyptian Parliament’s image abroad,” adding that “the examples are in direct violation of encouraging ‘peace-building’, for in fomenting hatred to undermine any hope of Middle East peace.”

Samuels explained that “on 25 July 2017, Muhamad al-Ghoul, Deputy Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Majlis (Parliament), announced in the House of Representatives that the behaviour of the ‘Zionist entity’ in Jerusalem towards the Islamic Holy Sites is predicated on the 4th Protocol of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.”

Source: Youm7 (25 July 2017) link

The account continued, “Earlier, on 4 July, Al-Ghoul addressed the House of Representatives, directing his attention to the Speaker, regarding oil exploration… He stated that in Egypt’s Western desert there are 8.2 million land mines, planted there by Britain and Germany in World War II. ‘These mines obstruct the ability to explore for oil. Germany and Britain should pay for the removal of the mines, [just as] Israel extorts from Germany (to the tune of billions of dollars) because of the fake Holocaust’.”

Source: Muhamad Al-Ghoul official Facebook page (19 July 2017). Includes video (1:17 – 1:25)

Also available on Voice of the People YouTube channel (1:03:35 – 1:03:44)

The Centre expressed outrage: “The jocular disposition of the Speaker and the laughter of Al-Ghoul and his fellow M.P.’s was horrific to watch as the banalization of Jew-hatred. Such a demonstration in any Western legislature directed against Muslims would result in an uproar, in which we would be among the first to participate.”

“Such Jew-hatred undermines the de facto relationship between Egypt and Israel in together confronting terrorism. It legitimates attacks on Jews and further, by association, endangers the Coptic Christian victims to continued assault,” argued Samuels.

The Centre urged the IPU to, "Warn its Egyptian delegation that such behaviour is not consonant with membership. Perhaps the possibility of suspension would act as a break on this renewed ‘demeaning of the image’ of the Egyptian Parliament.”

For further information contact Shimon Samuels on +33 609-770-158.