Treating the Cancer of Antisemitism’s Metastasis - Times of Israel op-ed by SWC's Shimon Samuels

Responding to the current British Community Security (CST) report - from January to June 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, on a 30% antisemitic incidents uptick, Wiesenthal Centre International Relations Director, Dr. Shimon Samuels stated: "As goes the UK, so goes continental Europe.

"The same commonalities ...," he added, "prevail in Jihadism continually excused on grounds of social disaffection among native-born radicalized youth...another factor being the misguided solidarity of leftist political factions with Middle East terror organizations.

"The security-conscious Paris Community Centre that houses the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Europe, has taken in over 100 infants from unprotected at-risk Jewish kindergartens. Yet, since the French spring elections, the military detail guarding our building and other community facilities since the January 2015 Hyperkasher supermarket atrocity, have been withdrawn...In reality, we must at present fend for ourselves," concluded Samuels

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Treating the Cancer of Antisemitism’s Metastasis