SWC Investigates Selling of Alleged Swastika Jewelry at NY Forever 21 Stores

August 19, 2016

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has received many inquiries over the past week regarding internet social media posts depicting swastikas on some jewelry being sold by Forever 21, allegedly in its New York flagship store.

The Center's New York office sent a team to the Time Square location and did not find any evidence of said item. The team met with floor mangers who stated that they had never seen such a jewelry design in their store and when shown the internet posts confirmed that the background holder of the jewelry in the picture was a logo format which had not been used for some time.

Follow up calls were also made to the Forever 21 corporate offices where representatives indicated that they had been made aware of the posts, that they had just completed a full internal investigation, and were now certain that the items shown has never been produced by Forever 21.

Going further, they stated that the pictures being posted were nothing more than an attempt at industrial sabotage intended to maliciously damage their name and brand.

Forever 21 have advised their phone operators of the situation and instructed them to articulate the above to concerned callers.

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