Wiesenthal Center: What More Will it Take for US-Led NATO to Eradicate ISIS?

July 14, 2016

The Simon Wiesenthal Center expressed its horror at the newest terrorist outrage that left 80 men, women, and children and scores maimed in a Bastille Day attack.

“Yet again, we join with civilized people everywhere in expressing our outrage at terrorist attacks targeting innocent people. When will our leaders finally recognize that terrorism must be eradicated and that it is up to the US to lead NATO forces against ISIS and other terror-centers,” Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean and Founder and Rabbi Abraham Cooper Associate Dean of the leading Jewish Human Rights NGO.

“We also take note that the use of a truck to mass murder people has been promoted online by terrorist social media magazines, including al Qaeda’s Inspire magazine.”**

The time for action is past due…


**The above images are from the Lone Mujahid Pocketbook (LMP), a collection of suggestions taken from previous editions of Inspire magazine. LMP was released in February 2013 (our Digital Terrorism and Hate researchers first flagged) by a Twitter announcement that led to a special blog for download. Also in the book was the pressure cooker bomb used a few weeks later in Boston.

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