SWC Testifies on Anti-BDS Legislation

SWC Testifies on Anti-BDS Legislation

July 6, 2016

Last week, I had the honor of testifying in favor of anti-BDS legislation before a Senate Judiciary Committee in California's State Capitol.

As the leadoff witness on behalf of State Assemblyman Richard Bloom’s (AB 2844) (pictured), I provided historic background of the Israel/Apartheid and anti-Israel boycotters, which I personally experienced at the infamous UN Durban ‘anti-racism’ Conference in South Africa, just days before 9/11/2001.

During my testimony, I also spoke about:

1. Crucial Israeli expertise to help address disastrous water shortages in California and other places around the globe.

2. Israel’s incredible advances in the field of bio-medicine that is helping medical centers and physicians to better treat their patients.

3. The incredible synergy between Silicon Valley and Israel’s brilliant hi-tech innovators that improve our daily lives and commerce.

The two-hour debate was tense and intense with pro-“BDSers” fully represented. In the end, the vote in this committee was 5-2 in favor of AB 2844. We hope the bill will pass both Houses later this Summer.

The SWC wishes to commend Jewish activists across America who have helped turn the tide against BDS in seven key states.

We will continue to keep you informed on these and other issues in the months to come.

Thank you for your activism and ongoing support of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper
Associate Dean