Commemorate Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day - Today

Commemorate Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day - Today
At the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its Museums of Tolerance in
Los Angeles and New York, every day is
Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day.

For over three decades, Holocaust survivors have spoken about their experiences to millions of children and adults as part of the Center’s powerful, "Witness to Truth" program.

Photos: Bart Bartholomew - (click for hi-res)

Each and every day:

• Holocaust survivors speak to visitors, professionals, and between 700 to 1,000 students at the Center’s Museums of Tolerance, inspiring them to keep their Holocaust stories alive.

• Approximately 30 Holocaust survivors share their personal testimony each week through special educational programs, including STEPS to Tolerance®, a program for 5th and 6th grade students, and Tools for Tolerance for Professionals® including law enforcement and educators.

• Unique outreach opportunities and "Bridging the Gap" video-conferencing enables Holocaust survivors to inspire audiences around the world with lessons of courage and resilience for those groups who are not able to visit the MOT.

At the Wiesenthal Center, Holocaust survivors have been the most effective ambassadors of memory, hope and tolerance.

Today, on Yom Hashoah, we remember the words of the great Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, who said, “I have never forgotten you”.

Please support the Center who continues the legacy of Simon Wiesenthal and his work, today, on Yom Hashoah, and 365 days a year.