Simon Wiesenthal Center Statement on Critical UC Regents Vote Declaring Forms of Anti-Israel Speech as Anti-Semitic

March 23, 2016

The Simon Wiesenthal Center commends the University of California Regents for unanimously ratifying the Regents Working Group's Principles Against Intolerance, which unequivocally declares that "Anti-Semitism and Anti-Semitic forms of Anti-Zionism . . . have no place at the University of California. We commend UC Regents Richard Blum, Bonnie Reiss (pictured with SWC Campus Outreach Director Aron Hier) and Norm Pattiz and all others who made this historic vote unanimous.

The latest horrific mass murders in Brussels were inspired and fueled by genocidal words and images. It should serve as a stark reminder and warning that while we cherish freedom of speech, all words have consequence and those spewing and expressing hatred should be held accountable for their deeds and actions. The UC has now officially taken a leadership role in decrying hate, evil, and intolerance, in all their ugly manifestations. By repudiating odious anti-Semitic hate, bullying and harassment (which is launched against campus communities across the country, almost on a daily basis), the UC Regents has drawn a line against the world’s oldest hate.”

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