Help the SWC Fight Terrorism & Hate

Help the SWC Fight Terrorism & Hate  
 “… We’ve collectively reached a tipping point. If these [social networking] companies took this seriously, they could put an immediate dent into the marketing capabilities of ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Shabab and the rest”
                              — Rabbi Abraham Cooper, SWC Associate Dean - USA Today
December 15, 2015

For two decades I’ve headed the Center’s Digital Terror and Hate project that:

2015 social media report card 

Helps politicians, law enforcement and intelligence understand how extremists leverage social media and other online  technologies to threaten us all

Shares findings of our annual Digital Terrorism and Hate reports with policy-makers from Washington DC, across Europe and NATO headquarters, to India, Singapore and Japan

Holds regular meetings with Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter to pressure them to degrade the marketing campaigns of ISIS and al Qaeda and to remove anti-Semitic and racist postings

Develops and releases free apps that help law enforcement track our research, empower community activists to report problematic web activity; help young people counter cyberbullying

Rabbi Abraham Cooper attending meetings at NATO headquarters in Brussels where he presented the Center's Digital Terrorism & Hate report to representatives from all 28 NATO member states.

Social networking is at the core of all terrorist and hate group activities. The Simon Wiesenthal Center has been on the forefront of combatting this growing tide for over a decade.

Please help us at this crucial and pivotal moment in the struggle against terrorism and hate.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper
Associate Dean
Simon Wiesenthal Center