Exclusive sale for autographed copies of "MEANT TO BE" A Memoir by Rabbi Marvin Hier

Exclusive Pre-Sale for autographed copies of "MEANT TO BE" A Memoir by Rabbi Marvin Hier
 From Matthew Miller, The Toby Press, Publisher of
The Prime Ministers by Ambassador Yehuda Avner:

“It’s with real pleasure that we announce the publication of Rabbi Marvin Hier’s new autobiography. Meant to Be: A Memoir- an extraordinarily engaging, addictive read.

Rabbi Hier – rabbi and human rights activist, goodwill ambassador and Academy Award™ winner – looks back at the unlikely twists and turns of his extraordinary life.

From a Lower East Side childhood to the helm of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, from leading a Vancouver synagogue to leading the hunt for Nazi war criminals, from the RJJ Yeshiva to King Hussein’s palace, from the White House to the Hollywood red carpet – Rabbi Hier is a Jewish-American success story.

Hier founded the Simon Wiesenthal Center and propelled its growth into one of the foremost Jewish human rights organizations in the world today. His work, on the front lines of the global war on anti-Semitism, has gained him access to the world’s most prominent politicians, religious leaders and movie stars, yet he remains unassuming about his success, faithful to Jewish tradition, authentic to the core.

With great humor and disarming honesty, Rabbi Hier reflects on interplay of instinct, chutzpah and serendipity that have enabled his remarkable achievements, revealing that everything that happens in life is, in fact, meant to be. I hope you enjoy even this half as much as we, at The Toby Press did. You’re in for a treat!

Watch video clip below of Rabbi Hier and Elizabeth Taylor at the 1980 Simon Wiesenthal Center banquet, one of 120 stories in Meant to Be ...