Urge Removal of Nude Game of Tag Gas Chamber Video Installation at Krakow Museum

ACT NOW: Urge Removal of Nude Game of Tag Video Installation

September 17, 2015

Dear SWC Supporter,

Located next to Holocaust hero Oskar Schindler’s factory and mere miles from Auschwitz-Birkenau, Krakow's Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK) continues to feature as part of an art exhibit - a video showing naked men and women playing tag  in a "gas chamber".

The 9-minute film, entitled "Berek - The Game of Tag," created in 1999 by Polish artist Artur Zmijewski, claims that part of it was filmed in an actual gas chamber. The video is part of an exhibition entitled, "POLAND-ISRAEL-GERMANY: The Experience of Auschwitz”.


This link takes you to the video, currently displayed by Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw website.

During the High Holy Days we urge you to raise your voice in protest against this desecration - join the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s protest to Krakow Mayor, Jacek Majchrowski demanding he immediately order the permanent removal of “The Game of Tag”.

Earlier this summer, SWC Associate Dean, Rabbi Abraham Cooper and SWC Israel Director and Chief Nazi Hunter Dr. Efraim Zuroff:

·  Visited the Museum and met with Museum officials, as well as local leaders and the US Ambassador to Poland urging the removal of the offensive videoit is still being shown today

·  Were given a letter by Museum director, Maria Anna Potocki, to Yad Vashem in which she claimed that the video, "is not shown directly at the exhibition but via a video link” – this is not the case

·  Have learned that, following the SWC’s protest, and those of many others, the video had been temporarily removed – it has since been reinstated behind a wall with sign declaring "adult content-controversial"

·  Urged the intervention of Dr. Sebastian Rejak, Poland’s official in charge of relations with World Jewry during a meeting in Warsaw
In 2012, the video was removed from an exhibition in Berlin because it was found, "not respecting the dignity of the victims of the Holocaust". Earlier this year, the exhibition was displayed in an art gallery in Estonia where protests by Dr. Zuroff, and the Estonian Jewish community led to the permanent removal of the video.

As MOCAK receives much of its budget from the City of Krakow, we need the Mayor to take action to stop this desecration of and assault on Memory.

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