SWC to Chancellor Merkel: “Cancel Reported German Mission to Tehran which – under the Cover of Music – Embellishes Iran's Nuclear Genocidal Design.”


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Paris, 27 August 2015


In a letter to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel (pictured), the Simon Wiesenthal

Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, expressed amazement at reports of a German plan, “To visit Iran in October, to mark the signature of the G5+1 nuclear accord,” adding, “We are especially astonished at news that the delegation may feature the Berlin Staatskapelle, led by its musical director, Daniel Barenboim.”

The letter pointed out, “Last week, Iranian Parliamentary Advisor on Foreign Affairs and former Ambassador to Syria, Hussein Sheikholeslam, stated, 'Iran will continue to reject the existence of any Israeli on earth... Israel should be annihilated and this is our ultimate slogan'.”

Samuels stressed, “Apparently, visas for October are in process. Should Barenboim be accepted as an 'Israeli on earth,' it would underscore Tehran's ironic view of him as an anti-Israeli,” adding, “Barenboim, in 2013, informed Die Zeit newspaper, 'I have four passports: Israeli, Argentinian, Spanish and Palestinian. If I want to, I can live in all four countries.' Die Zeit asked: 'Is Jerusalem home to you?' He responded: 'No, I am at home here in Berlin',” noting that there seemed therefore to be no obstruction to his entry.

The Centre lamented: “Nevertheless, and with due respect, Madam Chancellor, such a delegation could serve only those seeking to damage the strategic friendship between Israel and Germany under your leadership.”

The Centre urged the Chancellor to, “Reject reports of this mission to Tehran and, above all, this cultural embellishment – under the cover of music – of Iran's constantly declared nuclear genocidal design to destroy Israel.”

“Barenboim has a penchant for reincarnating terror among Holocaust survivors by introducing Hitler's favourite composer, Wagner, into his performances... Should he choose to present 'The Ring' in Iran, the scenario of 'Gotterdammerung' may well be perceived by the Ayatollahs as a benediction,” concluded Samuels.

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