The Simon Wiesenthal Center Congratulates Tony Blair for his appointment as chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation

SWC Congratulates Tony Blair

June 4, 2015

The Simon Wiesenthal Center congratulates Tony Blair on his new position as head of the European body fighting anti-Semitism.

"Mr. Blair has been a staunch supporter of the State of Israel and at this time when anti-Semitism is rampant around the world, he is the right man at the right time to assume this position," said SWC Dean and Founder, Rabbi Marvin Hier, adding, “You would be hard-pressed to find another major European figure with more understanding of and empathy for Israel and the Jewish people. It is a positive development that Mr. Blair is officially joining the fight when anti-Semitism and extreme anti-Israelism continue to manifest across Europe. The Simon Wiesenthal Center trusts that the erudite, tenacious and well informed Tony Blair will make a difference in our struggle against anti-Semitism and the demonization of Zionism and the Jewish State.”

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair looking at 'The Hitler Letter' during a visit to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles with SWC Trustee and Museum of Tolerance benefactors Burt Sugarman and Mary Hart, pictured with Rabbi Hier, left.

'The Hitler Letter' - on permanent display at the Museum of Tolerance, is a 4-page letter signed by Adolf Hitler, dated September 16, 1919, six years before the publication of Mein Kampf describes his hatred of Jews outlining his plans which call for, "The uncompromising removal of the Jews altogether," which he says can only be accomplished, "Under a government of National strength and never under a government of National impotence."  Hitler warns against an "emotional anti-Semitism which will always find its expression in the form of pogroms" and seeks rather "a legal ... removal of the rights of the Jew."