Wiesenthal Center Denounces Chicago Tribune Cartoon Slandering Israeli Prime Minister

“The Tribune Owes its Readers, Israelis and the Jewish Community an Apology for Mainstreaming Outrageous and Dangerous Falsehoods”


March 24, 2015


The Simon Wiesenthal Center denounced the Chicago Tribune for publishing a political cartoon by Joe Fournier that alleges that Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu purposely ordered the repeated bombing of Palestinian “hospitals, mosques, and schools,” that according to the cartoonist explains Netanyahu’s true stance on a “two-state solution.”


“Bibi Netanyahu, his statements, and policies are legitimate targets of criticism from other leaders, the media and the public, and the Chicago Tribune has every right to serve as a platform for the full spectrum of views,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the leading Jewish human rights organization. “Along with that right however, is the obligation not to publish falsehoods. Today the Chicago Tribune failed to live up to its responsibilities as guardians of truth by allowing the mainstreaming of incendiary lies about the leader of the Jewish state,” Cooper added.


“Truth has been turned on its head. Terrorist Hamas used mosques, schools, and hospitals to store its missiles and hide terrorist leaders. They used private homes as entranceways for a highway of tunnels designed to reach deep into Israeli territory that would have caused mass civilian casualties. They openly used the civilian population as human shields. Indeed, the media, including Chicago Tribune reported these facts as part of the reportage during last summer’s conflict. Now they have made room for this slander on their editorial pages. The editors owe their readers, Israelis, and the Jewish community an apology,” Cooper concluded.


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