Wiesenthal Centre Alerts Educators to English Language Jihadist School-Texts


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“Used in Arabic in private Islamist-oriented schools in the West, these texts are now available in English and other European languages.”


Philadelphia, 19 March 2015


In a keynote speech to the 45th Scholars Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches held at Temple University, Philadelphia, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, alerted educators to English language anti-Semitic school texts.


These were exposed by the Centre from the display shelves of last month's international book fairs in Qatar, Casablanca and Oman.


Samuels, a Board member of the inter-faith international and inter-generational conference, warned that “such texts, used in Arabic in private Islamist-oriented schools in the West, are now available in English and other European languages.”


The Centre displayed a PowerPoint of some 150 titles, including Arabic new editions of “The Protocols of Zion,” Henry Ford's “International Jew” and Hitler's “Mein Kampf.”


A selection of the books discovered in English at the Casablanca, Doha, Muscat and even the Frankfurt Book Fair (see attached photo) include:


- Iranian children's literature (ages 6-10), extolling suicide martyrdom for Jihad, e.g. “Children and Soldiers,” “Children and Bravery,” “We Fight the Enemy,” “If only I was older.”


- Egypt's “Jerusalem in Focus,” on the Muslim scholars' fatwa prohibiting peace with the Jews and the obligation of engaging in Jihad, the Judaization of Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa Mosque under Jewish Occupation.


- The Palestinian “Jewish Terms: Beware of Them!” which includes “The Myths of the Nazi Crematorium.”


- The Palestinian “Buraq Wall” that calls the Jewish Western Wall shrine a victim of theft and conspiracy. As Muhammed's winged steed, Buraq, was tethered to the Wall during the Prophet Muhammed's night flight from Mecca via Jerusalem to heaven. The book claims the return of the “Kotel” Western Wall to the embrace of Islam.


- Qatar's children's literature booklet “Tales of the Prophet Muhammed” on the “Battle of Khaybar” – the early Muslim massacre of the Jews of Mecca based on “their plot to assassinate the Prophet.” “Khaybar'”is used today as an ISIS battle cry to today's Jews that “the Army of Muhammed is returning to slaughter them.”


Samuels stressed that “this was only the tip of the iceberg of an obsessive compulsive disorder to foment Jew-hatred, at a time when the Muslim world is beset with real dangers from its own Jihadists.”

Photo: Dr. Samuels with Professor Hai-Lung Dai, Provost of Temple University, who hosted the Annual Scholars' Conference


The Wiesenthal Centre annually advises the authorities of the Frankfurt Book Fair of the identities of publishers that foment hate and violence, in order to determine whether they may be barred from Frankfurt due to their violation of contractual commitments with the Fair.


Samuels hoped that “educators, through their professional associations, would denounce this wave of noxious titles and see that they are barred from pedagogical installations in their country.”


“We will be developing this campaign, 'Operation Against School-Text Hate' also to Europe and Latin America,” assured Samuels.


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