Wiesenthal Centre to New European Council President: "Recognition of a 'Palestine statehood' and 'rehabilitation of HAMAS not only damages Middle East stability. They threaten the Continent and welcome 'Gaza into Europe'

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Paris, 17 December 2014

In a letter to the European Council President, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations Dr. Shimon Samuels, slammed the "European Parliament's non-binding resolution recognizing a 'Palestinian state' controlled by an 'authority' that includes HAMAS, now further inflamed by a European Court decision to remove this gang of murderers from the European Union's register of terrorist organizations."

Samuels noted, "The HAMAS constituent Charter not only targets all Jews wherever they may be, but – as a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood founded by Hitler-period Nazi sympathizers in Egypt – seeks to establish a worldwide Caliphate founded on Sharia law, including in Europe."

The letter argued, "The annulment of HAMAS' terrorist designation turns murderous Jihadist – hostage-taking, child human-shield abusing, rocket-launching, suicide bombing, hate-fomenting gang - into an ostensible 'human rights NGO'."

The Centre quoted the late Simon Wiesenthal's axiom, "What begins with the Jews never ends with them', continuing, "Indeed, attacks on synagogues, Jewish schools and individuals will inevitably become assaults on banks, embassies, police and military installations as European-born Jihadi interns return home to wreak their mayhem."

Samuels added, "Al-Qaeda, Nusra, ISIS, HAMAS are all pseudonyms for a linked network bent on expunging the values won by Europe at the cost of millions of victims to Nazism and Communism – Jihad to suppress minority and gender equality, freedom of expression and religion and the launch of a new wave of terrorism across the Continent."

The letter recalled, "On 21 December 2001, the European Commission decided to freeze the assets of persons and entities on the EU's terrorist list. The eventual unfreezing of HAMAS funds will be reinforced by European HAMAS-linked 'charitie's' blackmail to coerce further funding of international terror and recruitment to Jihad."

The Centre expressed outrage that, "Third-party testimony from non-EU member-States (e.g. Israel and the United States) will be barred from consideration as testimony for a HAMAS reinstatement on the EU terrorism list. Apparently, however, the role of Qatar in HAMAS' delisting was not subject to the same strictures."

"Today's recognition of 'Palestinian statehood' and ostensible 'rehabilitation of HAMAS' not only damage the prospects for peace and further destablizes the Middle East. They sow seeds that threaten the safety of the Continent and will be reaped as a 'welcome to Gaza into Europe'," concluded Samuels.

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