Calls from Berlin to annihilate Jews; "Dirty Jews from the sewers to be killed"; 100 Spanish celebrities accuse Israel of genocide

Rocket onslaughts against Israel’s heartland continue unabated; plans for mega-terrorist attacks on Rosh Hashana from tunnels are thwarted; violent anti-Semitic rhetoric and acts continue to explode across Europe and still, three weeks into the Gaza war, the world insists on treating Hamas as an equal partner in potential negotiations. During this time the Wiesenthal Center has been fighting the onslaught of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel demonstrations across Europe and beyond.

Spain:  Simon Wiesenthal Center Reacts to Letter from 100 Spanish Celebrities Accusing Israel of Genocide

Germany:   Berlin Mayor Responds to SWC protest over failure to take action against Iman in Berlin who called for annihilation of Jews

Holland:  Wiesenthal Centre Protests to Dutch Prime Minister over Second ISIS Rally in The Hague calling for "Dirty Jews from the Sewers to be Killed"; In related stories: Hague Mayor fails to act according to Dutch law as ISIS gathering may have violated The Netherlands' Anti-Terrorism Legislation" and (in the same week), ISIS beheaded 50 prisoners and posted the atrocities across the Internet
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