Wiesenthal Center To Japanese Media: We Mourn the Death of all Innocents-But Their Blood is on the Hands of Hamas, Not Israel

July 24, 2014

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish Human rights organization, gave a spirited defense of Israeli actions during the current fighting with Hamas in Gaza, during a 90 minute press conference in Tokyo.

Rabbi Cooper spoke on a wide range of topics ranging from Digital Terrorism and Hate and continuing controversies surrounding Imperial Japan’s crimes during World War II. But the current war in Gaza, dominated the questions from among the fifty Japanese journalists who attended the briefing at the Japan National Press Club.

“We mourn the death of all innocents,” Rabbi Cooper said, adding, “But their blood is the hands of Hamas, not Israel.”

Rabbi Cooper also detailed the spate on violent anti-Semitic acts and rhetoric that have threatened Jew worldwide, particularly in Germany and France.

Rabbi Cooper, who has visited Japan over 30 times since 1985, also discussed the implications of the Iron Dome Technology that has thwarted thousands of Hamas Rockets and Missiles.

“Make no mistake, North Korea's dictator, who is threatening Japan and South Korea with various missile launches, is watching carefully as events unfold. Further technological developments in Israel, US and Japan, could potentially thwart North Korea from threatening its neighbors with similar attacks,” Rabbi Cooper said.

Referring to Japan's role in the Middle East conflict Rabbi Cooper said, “We are certain that Japan will be called upon to underwrite various humanitarian projects. Please continue to do so‹with one caveat- total transparency so that Japanese donations will be used on this projects and not be diverted to fuel corruption or terrorism,” Cooper concluded.

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