Mobs scream, "Death to the Jews" in Paris, violent calls on German streets, "Jews to the Gas", Travel advisory to Turkey & more

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Mobs scream "Death to the Jews"; Wiesenthal Center to French President: "Just as Hamas rockets over Israeli cities are unacceptable, the radical Islamist threat to normal life in French cities is intolerable" 

'Jews to the Gas' - Simon Wiesenthal Center to German Chancellor Merkel: Violent calls on German streets Defile Memory of the Shoah, makes mockery of Anti-Nazi laws

Turkish PM: "They [Israel] ... exceed him [Hitler] in barbarism", Wiesenthal Center Urges NATO Chief and Member States to Denounce Anti-Semitic Rant; Center Issues Travel Advisory

64 public figures including 7 Nobel laureates and Archbishop Tutu, Alice Walker and Others call for embargo against Israel; SWC: "Nobel Laureates Make Mistakes"

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