Simon Wiesenthal Center Reaction to Swastikas Painted at University of Oregon

July 16, 2014

The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemns the painting of 11 swastikas today onto mailboxes near a Jewish fraternity at the University of Oregon. The Center's Campus Outreach department under the direction of Aron Hier calls upon Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and University of Oregon President Gottfredson to condemn and fully investigate this egregious hate crime. "Jewish students and others in the campus community have a right to feel safe and not be threatened by perpetrators of hate and intolerance," Hier said.

In a phone conversation immediately following the incident, Assistant Vice President Paul Shang assured Aron Hier that the University will keep the Center informed on the issue and is fully cooperating with local authorities to bring these criminals to justice.

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